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At Nicks Pizza we honor the tradition of fine italian cooking thanks to Nick Criscuolo and his love for the culinary art of pizza making. He often traveled 8 miles on foot to his first job in world famous Positano. There he perfected his first pizza. He often hand picked the tomatoes and basil that were essential in creating the culinary masterpiece that is his thin crust italian pizza. Upon leaving Italy, he moved to New York. As a new immigrant, Nick embraced the opportunities available to him in America. He took advantage of the fast pace and learned his way around the dense maze of new york city. Eventually he began his quest for the American dream. After many years of hard work and old fashioned saving, Nick began to search for that special location where he could make his pizza. Nick opened his first pizza place in Stamford, Ct in 1968. Nick is now celebrating his 40th year of making pizza in Fairfield county. We would like to thank all our customers for their patronage. We still follow Nick'sī recipes and make all our own sauce and dishes on the premises the old fashioned way!
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