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At Nick's Pizza, we honor the tradition of Nick Criscuolo's fineItalian cuisine. After 40 years, ourItalian restaurant still follows the same recipes Nick introduced toStamford, CT in 1969. Stop in today to try our old fashioned, thin crust pizza and choose from over 40 pizza toppings.
All of our food is made from the freshest ingredients. Our menu includes classic Italian chicken entrees, pasta, burgers, wraps, chicken wings and over 20 specialty pizzas. New to the menu is a buffalo mozzarella pizza that we call the Napolitano. We even cater!
Our pizza delivery is fast and on time. We're open 11 AM to midnight. Call 203-324-4949!
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522 Glenbrook Rd. - Stamford, CT 06906 - 203 324 4949
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